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NightØwl 1890
Busi 590


Challenge Category Value Time
Warm Up Warm Up20
Base64 Warm Up20
QR Warm Up20
Secure Shell Warm Up20
Net Cat Warm Up20
Discord Warm Up10
Beginner Reverse 1 Reverse Engineering50
Forensics Warm Up 1 Forensics20
What is ROT? Cryptography50
Stegnography 1 Steganography100
Web warmup Web20
Simple Overflow Binary20
Quick Survey Warm Up400
Patience Test Warm Up300
Julius Caesar Cryptography100
Where is the flag? Web20
My First SQL Web20
Year 1993 by Urban Müller Cryptography300
I am Samuel Morse! Cryptography100
Beware of SHA1rk Cryptography20
Recette Secrète Cryptography20
Simple Diffie-Hellman None20
I am Samuel Morse 2! Cryptography200
Wiener's RSA None20
Find it! OSINT500
Schrödinger's Cat Miscellaneous20
Forensics Warm Up 2 Forensics50
Simple Diffie-Hellman 2 None20