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ganyi04 440
nicholas112 462
Freshie03 760


Hint 65


Hint for SKR Lang



Challenge Category Value Time
Julius Caesar Cryptography100
Warm Up Warm Up20
Base64 Warm Up20
I am Samuel Morse! Cryptography100
Year 1993 by Urban Müller Cryptography300
I am Samuel Morse 2! Cryptography200
Forgot Password Web20
IQ Test Cryptography20
My First SQL Web20
Beware of SHA1rk Cryptography20
Forensics Warm Up 1 Forensics20
Forensics Warm Up 2 Forensics50
File Signature Forensics20
Simple RSA Cryptography20
What is ROT? Cryptography50
QR Warm Up20
Simple RSA 2 Cryptography20
Net Cat Warm Up20
Secure Shell Warm Up20
Beginner Reverse 2 Reverse Engineering50
Beginner Reverse 1 Reverse Engineering50
SKR Lang Cryptography242
Web warmup Web20
Where is the flag? Web20
Linux Tutorial 1 Linux20
Linux Tutorial 2 Linux20
Slot Machine Web20
Forgot Password 2 Web20
Simple Overflow Binary20
Auth Me 1.0 Binary20
Secret Url Web20
Hex To ASCII Mini Game100