Challenge Category Value Time
Where is the flag? Web20
My First SQL Web20
My First XSS Web20
Forgot Password Web20
Forgot Password 2 Web20
Admin Dashboard 2 None20
Secret Url Web20
File Signature Forensics20
XSS-GPT None167
XSS-GPT v2 None492
Admin Dashboard 3 None265
Admin Dashboard Web20
Slot Machine Web20
Jake The Miner None20
Forgot Password 3 None20
Kuki Cookies Web20
My First XSS 2 None20
XSS 2 Continue None20
Kuki Cookies 2 Web20
Beginner Reverse 2 Reverse Engineering50
Beginner Reverse 3 Reverse Engineering50
Beginner Reverse 4 Reverse Engineering50
Beginner Reverse 5 Reverse Engineering50
Recette Secrète Cryptography20
nogard 2 None20
What5Th3Pa55Cod3? Reverse Engineering20
nogard 3 None20
Shark Of Wire Forensics20
The Kolona Virus Reverse Engineering20
Beginner Reverse 6 Reverse Engineering50
The Kolona Virus v2 Reverse Engineering308
Ular Challenge 1 None20
nogard 1 None20
File Signature 2 Forensics20
Corrupted Image Forensics20
Flags in ZIP None20