Challenge Category Value Time
Year 1993 by Urban Müller Cryptography300
Simple RSA Cryptography20
Admin Dashboard 3 None287
Kuki Bank Continue None487
Jake The Miner None20
Slot Machine Web20
Kuki Bank 2 None498
Dot Dot Slash 2 None20
Wiener's RSA None20
Secret Message Miscellaneous20
TOTO Jackpot None500
Format String Binary20
Auth Me 1.0 Binary20
Guess The Number Binary20
Auth Me 2.0 Binary20
Overflow Me! Binary20
Advance Overflow Binary20
Ular Challenge 2 None20
Ular Challenge 3 None328
nogard 3 None20
Cr4ck M3! None474
Corrupted Image Forensics20
Flags in ZIP None20
Shark Of Wire 2 Forensics20
Secret Letter Steganography20
Godam Secrets Forensics20
Linux Tutorial 3 None20
Linux Tutorial 4 None20