214th place

2060 points


User Name Score
0xwan 2060


Challenge Category Value Time
Where is the flag? Web20
My First SQL Web20
My First XSS Web20
Forgot Password Web20
Forgot Password 2 Web20
Admin Dashboard 2 None20
Secret Url Web20
File Signature Forensics20
XSS-GPT None167
XSS-GPT v2 None492
Admin Dashboard 3 None265
Admin Dashboard Web20
Slot Machine Web20
Jake The Miner None20
Forgot Password 3 None20
Kuki Cookies Web20
My First XSS 2 None20
XSS 2 Continue None20
Kuki Cookies 2 Web20
Beginner Reverse 2 Reverse Engineering50
Beginner Reverse 3 Reverse Engineering50
Beginner Reverse 4 Reverse Engineering50
Beginner Reverse 5 Reverse Engineering50
Recette Secrète Cryptography20
nogard 2 None20
What5Th3Pa55Cod3? Reverse Engineering20
nogard 3 None20
Shark Of Wire Forensics20
The Kolona Virus Reverse Engineering20
Beginner Reverse 6 Reverse Engineering50
The Kolona Virus v2 Reverse Engineering346
Ular Challenge 1 None20
nogard 1 None20
File Signature 2 Forensics20
Corrupted Image Forensics20
Flags in ZIP None20